White wine                                    



 Pinot Grigio

 Sauvignon Blanc




 Red Wine



 Cabernet Sauvignon


 Pinot Noir





 Sparkling Wine


 Yellow glen Piccolo rose or brutt


BYO = $4.50 PERSON

(Wine only)

Fully licensed.

We also have a large selection of spirits and liqueurs



House wine $7.00 glass or $21 bottle


Red and white wine above

prices range between $6.50 to $9.50 glass or  $29.00 to $42.00 bottle.

(prices may change in shop due to specials and wine changes)





Peroni,CrownLager,Corona,Heiniken,PureBlonde,Victoria Bitter,Boags light,Boags Premium,Tooheys New.



Apple , Pear.